Google Real Time Search

Google has moved real time search to its own website and added some important capabilities. Google real time search provides a continuously updated set of results from searching Twitter, Facebook and Buzz.  The new website is at  To get an overview of the service, check out the video from the product managers at [...]

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10 Legal professionals to follow on twitter

Who has the most twitter clout in the legal services profession? To find out, we used Klout, a recently launched Twitter analytics service, to evaluate over 100 lawyers and other legal professionals who tweet on a regular basis. Klout uses a number of variables to objectively measure the three factors most important to a user’s [...]

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Analytics tools are abundant and low cost, so we’re surprised that we continue to see so many websites missing these fundamental tools. Analytics will tell you who is coming to your website, where they came from and what they visited. These tools will also provide insight into potential trouble spots for your site including broken [...]

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Social media

While we don’t typically recommend starting with social media, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and others can be valuable ways to find, listen to and connect with your prospective clients. Because of its enormous adoption rate and “walled-garden” nature, Facebook is both a challenge and an opportunity for professional services firm marketers. That said, setting up [...]

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Online advertising and landing pages

Online advertising is particularly helpful for driving prospective clients to the website of a professional services firm. These prospects are more valuable than most because online ads help you connect with them at the exact time they are looking for solution to a problem. Google, Bing and Yahoo! all provide platforms for online ads. Facebook [...]

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Local online presence

Establishing a strong local online presence is more important than ever as local search results play a more prominent role in the search engine algorithms and search results page. In some cases, Google now presents local results before displaying organic search results. Yahoo! Local and Yelp are also becoming increasingly important for professional services firms’ [...]

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Email newsletters

Email newsletters are a time-tested way to build a following of clients and prospects that leads to repeat business, new client acquisition and referrals. What has changed over time is that email newsletters can now be integrated with the rest of your digital marketing strategy so everything works together. For example, an online ad could [...]

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The case for blogging

The internet is constantly changing and a stale and static website eventually becomes irrelevant in the eyes of both prospective clients and the search engines. A simple and easy way to keep your website up to date is to incorporate a blog. A source for fresh content, blogs are also a good way to communicate [...]

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Your website and SEO

Your firm’s digital brand presence starts with your website. As opposed to the more dynamic aspects of the web like blogs or social media, your website is a permanent foundation for all digital marketing activities. It is the place where prospective clients will come to learn more about your practice and make a decision to [...]

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Blog or website?

For people who are just getting going with establishing a digital presence, one question that comes up early is this: Do I need a blog or a website? The answer is both—or it could be neither. We’ll explain. What’s the difference? Traditionally, blogs and websites not only were used for different purposes, but they also [...]

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